We supply exactly what it says above; Edible Packaging.
As well as a standard range of plates, bowls, cups and trays for the catering industry, we manufacture bespoke packaging for food growers and producers, cosmetic companies and much, much more.
NVYRO's products are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and polystyrene food packaging and catering disposables.

Our Products – Overview and Benefits

Our products are 100% biodegradable single use disposable cups, plates, bowls & trays for all types of catering, food manufacturing and home use. They are manufactured from natural plant and after use can be composted, fed to animals or left to degrade naturally. If you are still hungry after finishing your food you can even eat the plate! Not only are our products totally environmentally friendly but they also reduce landfill and its associated costs. Level of harm to the environment: ZERO.

Uses for the products

All products are of rigid construction (no more bending, floppy plastic plates and cups) and can be used with a range of food types including dry, liquid, semi-liquid, hot, cold, frozen and fatty. They are ideal for parties & BBQs; as dinnerware; for coffee, tea, soups or as other drinking cups; as take-away containers; as a stronger alternative to paper products or as general tableware. They can even be used to cook food from frozen in a microwave and are oven-proof.

Bespoke Packaging for Food Manufacturers

Are you a food grower, producer or manufacturer looking for a 100% environmentally friendly packaging solution? If so, get in contact. We offer a bespoke manufacturing service to create packaging to suit your products. Of course, not everything is possible to manufacture but we will try our best. We can include logos on the packaging and, to steal a quote from Henry Ford, "any customer can have packaging in any colour they want as long as it is the natural earth colour they come in".

Retail Packs

For retailers we are able to create small multi-packs of cups, plates, bowls and trays to suit your requirements.

Who are using the products?

Our products are being used at a wide range of venues including government offices, outdoor music festivals, sporting events, corporate hospitality, cafeterias, take-away food outlets and many more. Our clients range from Contract Caterers and Event Management companies through to Mobile Caterers and Hotels. In addition, we create bespoke packaging for food growers, producers and manufacturers as well as organic farms. If you are involved in any of the above or have the responsibility for your companies green policy, you should talk with us.

NVYRO Limited

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All our products are made from the Cassava plant - manihot esculenta